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Heavy Duty

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Heavy Duty

CHA-T 60
Quantity 4
Capacity 365.000 m3/h
Pressure 7.800 Pa
Rotation 1.480 R.P.M.
Motor Power 950 W
Plant Power and desalination plant


Jabel Ali, UAE
Quantity 1
Capacity 160.000 m3/h
Pressure 1.900 Pa
Operating temp. 240o
Rotation 1.180 R.P.M.
Motor Power 110 W
Plant Bataan Refinery


  • Centrifugal fans

  • Axial fans

  • Industrial exhaust fan

  • Induced draught fan

  • Ventilation fans

  • Industrial blower

  • High pressure centrifugal fans

  • Heavy duty centrifugal fans

  • Axial fans with adjustable pitch

  • Axial belt driven fan, Axial Jet fans

  • Wall axial fans

  • Ǿ 1.489 mm
  • 250 kW
  • To :  90oC
Thyssen Krupp Steel Plant
Duisburg Germany

No4 Centrifugal fans type CP8001S2500 A3CS8BR

550.000 m3/h - 6.000 Pa

1350 kW


Valsabbia Steel Plant

Brescia Italy

No3 Centrifugal fans type ChA 80

510.000 m3/h - 7.500 Pa

1.500 kW


Desalination Plant

Jebel Ali

No4 Centrifugal fans type ChA-T 60

365.000 m3/h - 7.800 Pa

950 kW

Lafarge  Cement Plant

Dunbar Scotland
400oC/2 hours fire test

CTICM France

Alfacciai Steel Plant

Brescia  Italy
Mathura Refinery

Mathura, India
Rome Refinery

Rome Italy

Modena Italy

CBDOCTOR  VENTILATORS  PVT. LTD.  is a Joint Venture between C.Doctor India Pvt.Ltd., Industrie CBI Group, Italy and Ventmeca, France.